Paid off $100k in SL in 18 months; kind of depressed now


It’s obvious, and I am still going to say it - congratulations, fellow PF’er! You did well, and this community is proud of you. But, wait, did you say that you want to “fake feelings just to be socially acceptable…” and those are “debt” feelings that you are talking about? Hmm…I see what’s happening here.
When you had debt, you had a mission. You were on a journey and you had a huge community to tag long for that journey. Deep down you knew the goals were achievable, but until there weren’t 100% accomplished, it was a game you liked to play. And hoped to continue playing for a looong time. But, alas!
You are a smart individual with bright future in front of you - don’t waste it dreaming of the brown grass on the other side. Enjoy your freedom, and just a couple of options to explore so your mind can feel a sense of “belonginess”

  • get into a lovely relationship with someone
  • volunteer
  • donate to charity/
  • travel the world for six months
  • write

Go on, you achiever, and keep up with your glorious achievements. The world needs you.


Congratulations!! I can’t wait till I’m in the same position. I still have 111k worth of student loans left to pay off. Speaking from experience as someone who knows how much debt can consume you - give yourself time to really appreciate what you accomplished. It might take longer than you expect, but you will undoubtedly feel that satisfaction one day. Best of luck! :o)


Do you feel less happy about other things that were making you happy? Like your dream job or the little things you enjoy in life? Or are things still good but not as euphoric as you expected?

I was excited to pay of my SLs, too. Took me about 5 years to pay less debt because I’m not as disciplined. Like you, that final payment wasn’t what I hoped. Having plans might’ve been what helped me; I was already on to the next goal. I much more enjoyed the midway payments that made me realize the snowball was really gathering momentum.

Hope you feel better!


I think this is perfectly normal. And it often happens with any accomplishment. When I finished my Ph.D. I thought I would have this feeling of euphoria but I spent so much time working on it I actually got a little depressed. Same thing after I got tenure. I had been running so long that to have a let down screwed with my psyche. You will get past this. Just give it a little time and in the interim congratulate yourself on an AWESOME accomplishment.


Reminds me of finishing my last class as an undergraduate: underwhelming, followed by a “what now” feeling, even though I knew where I was headed. I don’t know you well enough to offer you input on your own personality, but at least for me, that can happen when I focus too much on any given goal, and become centered upon the goal rather than who I am, my faith, and so on.


It is time to turn your 100k in debt payoff into a 100k in savings challenge!


Congrats on the accomplishment! I can certainly relate. I’d suggest a little personal celebration. Treat yourself to something special. Then reset and find that next goal to crush, like boosting your net worth or retirement investments to a certain milestone.