Over 45 Club & other


I’m 49 (semi-retired) and my husband is 58 (retired). Definitely want to join this round up. We have 5 kids between us ranging from 32 to 18 (next week!) We have huge transitions coming up and would love to be in this "club: :wink:


Yes. I’m almost 40 and SO is 44 and will be retiring in 8 years.


You guys requested, and now it’s yours: The 45+ Club!

@whiskey - I made you the leader of it and you’re free to edit the original “about” post that will stay at the top of the category page. You’re also free to either keep it public as it is now, or make it private - but my recommendation would be to leave it public (which it currently is) so others can learn/jump in as well if they want. And maybe even see it and want to create their own clubs?

Thanks for getting this going… I have a feeling it’ll be a popular feature as these forums grow :slight_smile:

(Also FYI - you’ll find this sub-category of “45+”) under the new main category of “Clubs” now on the main category page)


Can we change it to 50+ so I can feel l like I’m part of the youngster club? :wink:


You Go, @whiskey!!


Morning kiddies
Here’s the link http://forums.rockstarfinance.com/c/clubs/45-up for the 45 club. Thx @J.Money for setting it up.


I made it to 45 in June and have decided that all my future birthdays will be my 45th as well…does that count? :wink:


Click on the link and join the Club


Just another Hello to all 45+ year olds. We’ve started a club and would like you to join.


I am 48. Let’s do this!!!


I am in! My wife and I are both 54 and want to retire in 10.


I’m in that old-person club :slight_smile: 47 years young here. Already reached FIRE but still love studying the topic and helping others.