Our private *blogging* forum


You’re all good to go, @HCF, @the_graying_saver, @PFGeeks and @uniquegifter.

And @HCF, you definitely win the award for the most creative way to ask for access. Love it! :wink:


Haha. Agreed, I thought the same thing when I saw his pic. Gees, just how old is THAT computer!? :slight_smile:


@RetirementManifesto To be honest, I cannot tell exactly. Actually, I think it is not a single machine but a collection. I can identify a ZX Spectrum, not sure about the rest, but those are definitely from the early 80’s, probably older than me :smile:



I would like to be added to the blogging lounge! Thanks!


Please sign me up!


You’re in, @FemmeCents and @WinningPerFinance!


Can I join the cool kids club please?


Yup! You’re in!


Hey, I’m late to the party, but please add me. It was nice meeting you at FinCon as well!


A little late???


Totally! And you’re in! :slight_smile:


Ummmm, ummmm, still trying to figure out this internets stuff. It only took my 5 years to update my blog theme!

looks down, shakes head, sighs



Carl!? Where the hell ya been, man, the party’s in HERE!! 'Bout time you found the cool folks! (GREAT meeting you at FinCon last week, for folks that don’t know, Carl’s a pretty cool guy!)


Better late than never as they say!


pls add me to this forum. thank you!


You’re good to go!


I’d like to join the private blogging forum.

Living on the Cheap


Since all the cool kids are doing it…

Sign me up too, please!


You’re good, @Teresa and @TheFinanciallySavvy. Welcome to the cool kid’s club.


I’d like to be added. Thanks!