Our private *blogging* forum


Me too please? :slight_smile:


Can I be in the club?


You guys are all good to go, @TheGreenSwan, @debtstoriches and @passiveincomemd!


Referred by Physician on Fire, who was kind enough to link to my recent post on child Roth IRAs in a thread here. Would love to see what he wrote, but need permission to join this group to access the thread.
Requesting the secret handshake!




You’re in, @crispydoc!


Hi it’s actuary on FIRE - ooooh! Can I join please? :slight_smile:
[I’ve used the emoji “slight smile” since I’m slightly shy]


You can! And done. :slight_smile:


Id like to join aswell please, the more motivation the better :+1:


Thank you! Excited to join.



You’re in!


May I join as well?


You may. Done!


Could I be added please??


You’re good to go!


Can I please be added?


I’m very new to the blogging world and despite being a millennial I’m not super tech savy - I could use all the help I can get! Can I still join in?


Let me into the secret club please! :slight_smile:


You’re good to go, @MilitaryDollar, @Kait, @moneymetagame!


ohh can I be in the cool kids club?


Yep, you’re good!