Our private *blogging* forum


Please let me in!!!


Let me in! (please)


@SteveGoodwin, @Gwen, @ESIMoney and @Jim - You guys are all good to go! See ya there.


wahoo! Thanks @Steve!




Sign me up!


Please sign me up!


Y’all are now in too :slight_smile:


Would love to get in! Invite please?


I’d love to join too! :slight_smile:


Me too? I’m a newbie hoping to learn from y’all :slight_smile:


Could I join too? Awesome!


Is there a secret handshake or something? Hope so! Either way I want in please


y’all have been added!

you’ll see all the blogging topics now come up under “blogging lounge” in the same forum area here - just remember to tag blogging stuff with the right category when you post so it’ll all be contained :slight_smile:


Please add me as well.


I’d like an add! Thanks! :kissing_heart:


Hello, please count me in - cheers!


I’d also like to join! I speak on a handful of topics on my blog and haven’t settled on a “main” topic so I’ll fill the form out later :smile:


I’d love to be a part of this, please! :slight_smile:

– Jim


y’all have been added! have fun!