Our private *blogging* forum


@MattSpillar @DoneByForty you both are in!


Could you please add me? Thank you!


@Doughroller as in Rob Berger? :smiley: Big fan here, I listen to your podcast all the time. Great work!


I’d love to be invited! :slight_smile: Super excited about these forums, thanks J!


I’d like to join this party!


@twocuphouse @JourneytoSaving @TheFinanceSpa In, in, and in!


hey @J.Money ! I’d love to join in! I’ve only been blogging for one week, but I have been around you guys’ blogs and forums for months!
wow that looks a lot creepier than it did in my head - I totally promise I am not a stalker


You know, anyone who claims the’re not a stalker, really are.

BEWARE OF @drmoneytails - HE’S A STALKER!!

(PS, I know, he just signed up for my emails today!! On a serious note, thanks for joining The Retirement Manifesto team!!)


Totally stalking… :smile:


haha… you’re in, sir @drmoneytails


@J.Money @RetirementManifesto
gonna have to break my real identity… (part of it…) DrMoneyTails is a lady :raising_hand:


Hahaha… Laughing my “tail” off. Welcome, Ms DrMoneyTails!! Now, we know you’re at least one of 150 MILLION PEOPLE!!


We would love to join.


Can I please be added too?


@Mrs_Need2save @ajourneywelove you guys are in now :slight_smile:


Thanks @J.Money :slight_smile:


Would love to be in. Have been blogging for four years but on different websites names. Hope the third website is going to be my perfect fit. I come from Brunei where we don’t have income tax but I think besides that everything that’s being blogged about is relevant.


@Imtinan @intentionalityink y’all now have access!


Me too please!!


Superb. Thank you!