Our private *blogging* forum


Attention! The new thread to request access to the blogger’s forum is here!

I know we have a ton of bloggers up in here who like talking about blog stuff as well as money, so we created a private forum for specifically that. (You’re welcome, non-bloggers :slight_smile: )

If you’d like access to it, let us know below and we’ll go in and add you to it (just give us a bit as we have to manually do it right now…)

Also - for all those $$$ bloggers not yet added to our directory we’re building out, make sure to include yours by filling out this form!

See y’all on the other side,
-Team Rockstar

PS: You’ll know when you’ve been added when you start seeing the category “Blogger Lounge” pop up in threads (it’s black) with a little (also black) lock next to it. It’s not actually an entirely new forum, just a section of this site here that opens up to you :slight_smile: So if you want to add new threads to it, make sure to tag the category “Blogger Lounge” or one of its subs (like monetization, or content, etc) so it goes in the right spot.

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Sign me up! :slight_smile:

– Steve


I may still count as a blogger of sorts - let me in! :wink:



Y’all have been added!


*knocks on door.

Can I be invited?


I want in!


I’d love to join and chat with everyone!


Hello J. Money! I’m excited that you’ve set this up. I want in!


I’d love to be included. :slight_smile:


Me please! :blush:


Y’all are in! Tell me all your secrets!! :blush:


Thank you for putting this together, J$! Count me in like Errol Flynn.


I would love to jump in


Please include me! I’m a relatively new blogger, behind BrandNewPapa.com


Pick me, pick me!


Chris aka Stasher aka MindfulExplorer

This will be great to have a place to chat with peers to learn better website management and creation. Hope to join and learn from you all soon :slight_smile:


Y’all are now in!!

Don’t cause too much trouble in there :innocent:


I would love in thanks!


Pick me pick me! Gwen aka Fiery Millennials