Our forums turn 1 year old today :)


Thanks to everyone here who have made this community so great!! You never know how these things will turn out, so super happy y’all have been enjoying it and getting something out of it over the months… Esp you bloggers out there :slight_smile:

Off to drink a beer in its honor! (at home, of course)


Congratulations J$.

It is an awesome forum and has helped me a great deal.

I look forward to reading it everyday.


Congrats on your hard work in making this possible. First we shape our environments - and then they shape us.

I will be raising a toast to you as well. Also from home, Costco sparkling water…


I’m so glad to hear that - thank you!!


beautiful!! and HELL YES to sparkling.


congratulations to yall!! keep up the good work!


I could not believe when I read that this well-established community is only a year old. Well done J.Money!


hey, it’s a testament to you all - not me!


Congratulations J.Money! I just joined recently and I’m excited to be here.


Congratz! I’m right with MD I just joined and I am extremely excited to be part of this community!


Happy birthday, Rockstar Finance forum!


Welcome to the party, @millionairedoc and @afinancialsavvydoc :slight_smile:


¡feliz cumpleaños!

:beers: (cerveza)


Woot! Woot!

Thanks for letting us be here. :slight_smile:



haha… what do the new FAQs say? i think it’s all automated from this forum platform we use :slight_smile: it’s okay to use choice curse words!


Happy birthday forums!



Well, I got as close as I could with my GIF. (Champagne sparkles, right?). Thanks for all you do for this community, you hit a Grand Slam with The Rockstar Forum, it’s been one of my highlights in 2 1/2 years of blogging! Just don’t expect me to cut my hair into a Mohawk to celebrate, like some have been known to do (yeah, I’m talking to you @RouteToRetire)


Nice job on the GIF, Fritz! What’s this Mohawk you speak of? :wink:

Thanks for these forums, @J.Money - I think I’m addicting to checking them at least twice a day!

– Jim


much love all around, y’all :slight_smile: