Open Page in new tab or window


Not sure if anyone has a small pet peeve about the forums like I do but here goes…

I would love it if the whenever I clicked on links and posts etc that are shared on the forums that it would open in a new window or tab. I hate having to navigate back to Rockstar Forums and find my place when I get back there. This would make life super easy on the blog share posts as an example.

Just curious on what others thoughts on this are?
No biggie but just an observation on my part.


This is a pet peeve of mine in general, but I haven’t noticed it being an issue here on the forums or on the Blog Share Monday posts. I just went back to the last Blog Share Monday and tested the top few links, they were all opening in a new tab. Is it possible that this is a browser issue? I’m typically on IE 11.


Right click on the link and open it in a new tab.

Changing it isn’t as easy as you may think – we’ve looked into it.


Yeah, the Discourse software’s configurations are an absolute mess, and this isn’t as easy as it should be. I usually just click the middle mouse button when I want things opened in new tabs (or, as ESI said, right click and open in new tab).


Thanks @Steve @ESIMoney @Mr.FFP , ya it is a minor observation and doesn’t change my love of the forums one bit at all. I just right click currently and can continue to do the same. I am on a Mac and use Chrome just as an fyi


WHAT??? I didn’t know you could click the middle mouse button!! I’m such a noob!!! Thanks for the tip.


Yep, no prob! :slight_smile: