Online FI Blogger Friends Freaking Out Your Spouse?


Hey Crispy! We’ll be in Manhattan Beach 7/3 through 7/7. We head down to San Diego after that. Maybe I’ll see you then.


Well, that’s both perfect and craptastic at the same time. Perfect because it’s a great place to visit and super close - I have a nearby hike to recommend for you. Craptastic because we’re planning to be in Greece (still need to buy the air tix) returning the 7th. Once I have the dates finalized I’ll reach out to see if we overlap. So close and yet…please don’t give up on hanging out quite yet.


Some people are more comfortable meeting strangers than others!

Just going to leave this here…


Along those same lines, one of the members of our local Mustachian meetup met his girlfriend on the MMM forum. After a few months, she moved here from across the country.

With these two success stories in mind, I may have to give this a try. I get a lot of grief from my friends and coworkers about wanting to see any potential partner’s credit report and LinkedIn profile. (I’m joking, I guess?)


It’s kind of crazy, but when you meet someone like-minded, it makes a huge difference… no awkward money talks :slight_smile: (that being said though, there are still a lot of talk about money)


Bummah man! I’d love to hear about the hike, so do let me know about that.



Thanks for sharing this incredibly sweet story with a fellow sap. You and Gwen sound ridiculously adorable together. And I appreciated the analogy you used to illustrate abundance mindset.

As relationships go, I find that the biggest deal breakers tend to include money, sex, religion, kids, geography, and family obligations. To have the money issue resolved at the outset can really help everything else fall into place.

The last woman I dated before I met my wife was a spender. I continue to be a saver. I lived in constant fear that she saw me as a way to subsidize her irresponsible lifestyle.

In contrast, my wife and I are both frugal savers who agree on 95% of the big items in life. I’ve never felt more comfortably myself around another non-family member. We often talk about the difference between black and white and color as the feelings we felt before and after we met.

Wishing you and Gwen happiness,




Mustachian gatherings would have been a welcome outlet back in the day. I think it’s definitely worth a try as a way to meet someone already on your wavelength. And is it so wrong to vet a partner at least as well as a landlord would vet them?



It seems normal to meet people from online now, which is a change from the 1990s.

I am in my 50s and I have met people from online.

I know other people my age who have done the same.

All went well for all of us.

“Normal” has changed over the years.



Lol. That’s hilarious, but not too dissimilar from my wife. She doesn’t suspect any swinger activity on my part, but I think she just sees it as more of a hobby where my pf nerds and I dream of making millions but will never earn much more than a part-time salary.

Little does she know that this month I already made over a grand… I’m waiting to tell her the news until the end of this month, where I suspect the figure will be more like $2,500 - or more I hope!

Looking forward to the day of a consistent 5-figure income…and talking to her about quitting my job… Ha, I think no matter what I’ll earn, she’ll still freak out and need a paper bag to recover from the thought of giving up our corporate health insurance… :wink:


That will be a nice surprise for here at the end of March!!!


Hey CD, I really appreciate your kind words and support :slight_smile: Very happy you enjoyed our chat!

It’s not too often things fall into place, but I’m definitely glad it did.

Like I mentioned in the episode… I dated some people in the past with student debt or other financial issues, and you put it best, you didn’t want to be a subsidizer of their habits!!

Thank you again for your kind words!


OMG YOU AND GWEN ARE DATING?!?!? This needs to go into the gossip forum, wherever it is. How did I not know?!

Also, Firebear has (jokingly) wondered why I am talking to so many men on my blog’s Twitter/my blog email. And that one NYC blogger meetup that was all men. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ . He was mildly freaked out when I told him I was going to attend the first one, but I think he is ok enough that he might join for Fincon for fun. Maybe?

I mean serial killers probably have better things to do than write a blog… right?


Haha! This is what you get for not attending Fin Con! :slight_smile:


But my blog wasn’t even alive in 2017’s Fincon :stuck_out_tongue: Embargoed gossip!


Haha! Ok, I’ll give you a pass this time! :wink:

BTW, you don’t have to have a blog to attend FinCon. Many do just as they are considering one.


Lots has changed since I was dating, when you met women with a mammoth steak in one hand and a club in the other. On the other hand, monosyllabic pick up lines (“Sup?”) remain a fixture…


ESI says it will surprise her, but I’m convinced she knew full well the horse she was betting on.
#Nerdswillruletheworld. Congrats on your income and the hustle it took to get you there.


You’'d think so

I mean serial killers probably have better things to do than write a blog… right?

I just checked godaddy, and the domain name is taken!


Umh. Perhaps dating has gone backwards since the days of the cavemen?

Before the Internet, the potential love of ones would actually be in front of you. You could see and hear her (or him).

Now with “online dating” you could be talking to anyone, anywhere in the world.

I spent about 3 weeks on a dating site. I met a lady who needed me to send lots of money to bail her out in Nigeria (scam). I met a lady who needed me to send her lots of money to bail her out in Asia (scam).

That was enough “dating” for me. The Internet does have disadvantages :wink: