Online FI Blogger Friends Freaking Out Your Spouse?


Thanks for your perspective; wife coming around to appreciate bloggers as a support system sounds like a most promising approach.


My wife just told me to be careful but I’ve met too many ppl off the internet already that I know all the things that I need to do to stay safe. (i.e. meet at a public place, etc).


If it makes you feel any better @crispydoc, I have had similar discussions with my husband. I was part of an online trading group for a few years and got invited to a retirement party for one of the members. When I proposed that we go, he thought I was crazy After thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that my husband is WAY more extroverted than I am. Thank goodness because he gets me off of forums and out of the house.

In our case, it is difficult for him to understand how I can form rich relationships with people I haven’t met in real life, but it’s one of the things I like about the internet: it allows us to enjoy communities of people with similar interests but without the social awkwardness. My hubby eventually came around when I explained what the trading community meant to me. Glad you can look at it with some humor. It’s one of the secrets of a good marriage!


Amen to that, Laura! I’m hoping with a little time and persuasion she’ll come to believe in my invisible friendships as much as I have.:wink:


I just had dinner with 7 bloggers and 3 podcasters, all in the physician financial space. Pretty awesome really. But at least I know some hospital credentialing committee took a look at them at some point and decided they probably weren’t serial killers.


At the very least they were licensed to kill…


Probably I was laughing more than appropriate on this. :blush:


Well this weekend a lot of us met in person in Dallas. So far, as far as I know everyone’s made it out alive. :grinning:


You were at my wedding?


I played drums in many bands for 20+ years. Before the internet if you wanted to join a band you went to the local guitar/drum place and checked their message board (physical) and tore off a piece of paper with the phone number and called. That was really rolling the dice. Later on with online message boards you were able to converse via email to get an idea of what you were getting into. Once bands had websites, recording etc., it was really easy to get an idea of who/what you were meeting up with. Many of the bands had stories of the other drummers who had auditioned who all seemed to look drugged out and completely sleeved with tats. I also had experience being on the other side in bands trying to fill vacancies for guitarists and singers. We met some interesting people along the way that’s for sure. Chances are if someone has a presence on the web where you can see their work etc., you are going to be ok.


The similarity in finding a drummer pre-internet and checking out “invisible friends” ahead of a meet up ring true, appreciate the insight. Out of curiosity - tat sleeves in a musician always assumed to be hiding needle marks?


Look forward to meeting the survivors in Orlando :grinning:
(Just registered for FinCon18!)


All my non blogger friends freak out my spouse, so bloggers are just desserts. :wink:


There are crazy people online and in rl, but the nice thing about online friends is there is an electronic trail of everything. In some ways it is probably safer meeting people you meet online in a non intuitive way. by the way Mr.1500 and PoF are was less scary in person than I imagined :wink:


I’ll take comfort in knowing it will be easier to recover the body thanks to online fingerprints…:thinking:


I wonder if my wife would care…

17 years ago this month I was flirting with her on the original Tinder (AOL Instant Messenger) during our freshman year of college. Nothing like finding an acquaintance of your ex-girlfriend online…


I just read this and I’m sorry that your spouse freaked out!

I was a little hesitant to meet people through the blog at first, but then I let it go. After 5 years, I’ve never had a negative experience. Everyone has been great.

And watch out! I’ll be in your neck of the woods again in July. Maybe you should get a restraining order! :slight_smile:


We’ll be traveling for part of July, but if the stars align and you get north of San Diego, let’s try again. I truly doubt anyone could freak my spouse out quite as profoundly as you could (the marathon hair is very Forrest Gump, bumper sticker guru phase).

If not, I’ll be at FinCon this year, so if you can teach me to appreciate what makes a good beer I’d gladly treat you to one or more.


That all sounds good. By then, I’ll be back to being clean-shaven. A bald head may even be more frightening thought!


Consider me warned :grin: