Once, I karaoke-d "A Whole New World” with a stranger & that just about sums me up. Hi, I’m SC


How’s it going, internet friends?!

I’m late to this forum bandwagon because apparently I blog under a rock. But, now I’ve emerged and let me tell you — the view is great from up here. Hello, sunshine!

My name is SC. I write down words and ideas over at MissFunctional Money, where I am both Chief Thinker and Official Taco Eater. It’s a blog that exists to foster candid money conversations and clarify financial basics, because I was feeling really stupid for having to Google what I thought should be common knowledge. Now, all that research and discussion is tied up in a pretty bow for others to dive into.

Other Things About Me That You’ll Probably Skim:
-I live in Charleston, SC, and curse having to drive behind horse-drawn carriages at LEAST twice daily.
-I used to be a professional ballet dancer. No, I never got dizzy.
-I just think we should all take a deep breath and collectively give up the Oxford comma already.
-I tried, but I’m not good at utilizing the bulleted list provided.

How long do these intros usually last? If I need to fill time, I can always launch into Aladdin…


That’s the best intro I have read!!!

You seem like my type of peeps, if you ever want to guest post on my blog let me know. Also, I’d love to have you on the podcast, we can discuss Tacos, Money and junk.


Welcome to the forums SC! :wave:
That was a great introduction. Glad to have ya! :facepunch:


Glad to see you finally jump in, ma’am! But there’s one point of contention I have with you… While you’re eating tacos, typing your words, and influencing the masses to just be better with money and life in general… How can you be against the Oxford comma? What did it do to you, anyway…?


Welcome to the forums and I can’t wait to watch your blog skyrocket from over here!


Also - @Xrayvsn fancy’s himself a karaoke gent. You two should chat…


blushes intensely
thank you for the kind words!

I appreciate the support and offer. Conveniently, I have opinions on all three of the aforementioned topics. :slight_smile:


I hate to have to break this to you, so I will try to do so with tact and subtlety: IT’S 2019 MIKE, THE OXFORD COMMA IS DEAD.

(Nah, my view is that reading clarity trumps grammar every.single.time. Whatever is best for the reader is best for me.)

Happy to be here!
OH, and we have — @Xrayvsn karaokes at a superior level I can only dream of in my wildest fantasies… a true star.


Thanks so much — happy to be hanging where the cool kids are!


Hi There! Welcome to the forums! “A Whole New World” seems to always bring people together. If you ever want one more for karaoke I’m always down and I have an arsenal of Disney songs!


YESSSS. Music to my ears :wink:


You had me at tacos.



I admit, I’ve given in to the pressure to change from using two spaces after a period to one (when I remember), but I refuse to start using the oxford comma.


Haha nice into welcome. Join me on SMULE I Karaoke as a hobby. I have 11,500 followers. Now if only I could transfer the followers there to Twitter haha.



Welcome! Love the intro and look forward to checking out Miss Functional Money!

(resists engaging on the Oxford comma)


Haha, the good ol’ double space. Gets ya every time.


A Karaoke social platform exists?!? This is brand-new information.

And thanks, happy to be here!


Howdy, hey! (appreciates your effort)


Ha ha yes it’s the app SMULE