North Stars December Meet-up (2)




Anyone still interested in meeting up on the 27th?


I could make that happen - I’ll be in town then. :slight_smile:


I’m in for the 27th with @Gwen


Yes please!


Any ideas where people want to meet?


Shoot shoot SHOOT! I just learned that my lovely wife has plans for us that evening. This happens about once every 279 days now that we have kids. Bad timing. I really hope to make the next one - long overdue, Erik!


I am in ( obviously :slight_smile: ) @keepthrifty anywhere you want to try or have a longtime favorite you want to head to?


Jaime and I are open for just about anywhere - no preferences on our end!


Do you guys have a time in mind? TBD on if I can make it (with the whole ‘one car’ situation it’s always trickier to do these sorts of things).


Depending on your location, I’m sure we could find you a ride :slight_smile:


Actually if it’s close to a train stop or something I could just take the light rail up to DT. Getting back home will be trickier, but that’s what Lyft is for right??


Hoping I can make it next week - has there been a location/time settled on yet?


Shall we say 530 and Bario? They have decent food and drink HH specials that end at 6

Open to other suggestions as well


Are you talking the one downtown at
925 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55402


Yep - didn’t realize there were multiple



Works for me, less than a half mile from the light rail so super easy.


Sounds great to me. Excited to see everyone there!


Tom and I plan to be there again, we will likely get there closer to 6 p.m. though. Looking forward to meeting everyone (and connecting with those we met at the last meet-up!)