Newbie to personal finance HELP


Hi all, I am Misty from San Francisco! Just graduated and started my new job in the city. I’m desperately in need of some help with personal finance haha… Does anyone have any tips/recs of how to navigate this site and take advantage of its features? Thanks in advance!


My biggest advice would be to keep a tab on all your expenses for at least two months and then tally the areas where you spend more than other areas and see if you would like to negotiate that. For example i realized that i spend a lot more on books than my self care section. So i have taken 15 percent of the book buying budget and put it into my self care budget. Say hi to pedicure. :slight_smile:
This might seem ridiculously simple but if done with truthfulness and commitment, it can really help your personal financial situation.


Hello Misty!

First of all congrats on your graduation and for job as well. As you are new to personal finance, the prime advice to you will be maintain the habit of keep ratio between your expenditure and savings from your earning.

Remember the ratio could not be the same for everyone, it’s obvious that it varies according to requirements of persons to persons. But if I would talk about an average, it should be: 3:2

It would be great if you think you may deal it at 2.5:2.5 or 2:3 as a very few people do follow the same you know well :slight_smile:

The another advice will be keep activated yourself in finance industry. You will find numbers of options and ways to invest your money and how to use your saving for profit as well.

Hope this will help you out. Stay happy!


There are lots of blogs represented here, and if you try to read (and follow the advise from) them all you will be more confused than when you started. Even in this community not everyone agrees. But that’s okay. Read a few, find what resonates with you, and then create some plans.
What you will find consistently is financial independence does not happen by accident, it is a path filled with intentional steps. Yes, some fortunate timing occurs now and then, and life circumstances sometimes work out just right (and other times just wrong).
My daughter just graduated (opposite coast) and the advise I gave her - make sure to get all your company matches right away. Start living for six months and then relook - where can I save more, where should I spend less.


That sounds like a great idea! I’ve been keeping a spreadsheet of my expenses so far in different categories, so I can definitely look more into the trends from that in a few weeks.


Thank you! I think I’m going to start with 2:3 and see where I go with that. I’ve also been researching some financial apps recently to see where I can start investing or saving up. Do you have any recommendations for services you’ve used so far?


Welcome to the group! :slight_smile:

You may want to start out by looking at your overall financial picture. Figure out how much income is coming in and how much is going out towards expenses. From there, you can see where you can cut out and save money for investing and retirement with what is left over.

There are a lot of good personal blogs out there. You may want to start with the daily feed from Check out a few personal blogs and pick the ones that interest you. You may also want to check out a few podcasts on the subject.

Hope that helps!


Yes, sure I can give you an outlook on what services I have used in my personal finance. If it talk about I have invested in Fixed Deposit. I have invested my money in Mutual Funds and real estate also. And all the field I have choose, I think so was safe and less risky than others. So I can say, that still I don’t have gone with options on high risk. But Yes, have a great knowledge about it. And definitely will invest in the same. :slight_smile: