New Rockstar Finance syndication opportunity


I wonder if @PoF would consent to syndication of one of the most interacted with posts I’ve ever had?


Of course I would.


Sounds good - gave it a read and found it super interesting. Adding it into the syndication rotation!


Here’s a couple oldies but goodies:


Hello - I have one I’d love to share!


Here’s one I worked hard on and would love to share:


Framing Your Mind For Money

How to design a budget for dual income families


Hi there,

Here are a few that I would like to submit.
I think they are a bit different because they touch on the behavioural side of personal finance:


Another one I’d like to add for consideration. Thanks!


Here’s an article for you to look over. Thanks

The Best Job in The World and Why I Quit


Thank you for the opportunity. Here are my 2 posts for consideration:


Here are a few of my more recent posts:

Thanks Steve!


Here are a couple for your consideration:



Thanks for the opportunity @Steve @ESIMoney. Here are 3 of my recent for consideration




Hi Steve!
Definitely interested. Here are my submissions:

Thanks for considering any of these!


Here’s one I guest posted for Humble Dollar:


Thanks so much for the opportunity!!! I’d like to put forward this older post, as I’ve received some recent questions about the topic:



why didn’t my link turn into a element???