New Rockstar Finance syndication opportunity


Awesome! I’m excited to join this community! Here are two links for your consideration:


Super cool stuff, thanks for checking us out.


Go green!

I really like this one

but a way more popular one is this:


I didn’t realize that syndicated posts were what would be linked to when an article was featured, I thought there would be a separate “syndication platform” per this article (the only thing that comes up when I search “syndicated posts” in the search bar):


The syndication platform is starting pretty simple for the moment. We’re re-posting articles on Rockstar and featuring them. This helps to improve your site’s “link juice” rather than just sending visitors straight to your site through our regular curation system, which doesn’t really count as a back link with Google.


Here are my picks:

Thanks for your consideration! :slight_smile:


This post has taken off on Pinterest…over 22k impressions in a few weeks! Would love to get it some more exposure!


Congrats! That’s GREAT!!!


Well done! I’ll help you out.


Thank you very much! Now trying to create other pin designs so I can maximize exposure. I don’t want to over-do the main pin that’s done so well!


Thanks so much! <3 I appreciate it! Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you!


It’s fine- I just like the post!


Thank you for consideration. This is an awesome idea. Here are a few links and articles that are some of our favorites!


This is great. I’m definitely interested. Below are two articles I’d like to submit for consideration.



I want to put up two more articles I think would be great and I got a lot of reviews from.

5 Side Hustles That Will Inspire You to Earn More

How to Pay Down Debt Without Much of a Paycheck


I like your logo!


This was a guest post from our very own Michael Dinich. :slight_smile:


Idk if @ESIMoney is gonna go for it mel. You did’nt let me stick any Star Wars in there. Who knows maybe @Steve secretly plays candy crush.




Hah! I’m afraid that I’m a horrible nerd. I’ve never been a game player…discovered it took up way too much of my time being…inside!