New Rockstar Finance syndication opportunity


Better late than never, as they say:



Thank you so much for this opportunity. does not feature any ads and our focus is the pursuit of truth in finance and economics.

Here are 2 articles I’d like to submit for syndication which I believe will provide a lot of value to your audience:

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Highly interested. Thank you for this opportunity!
Vanguard 101
The Ultimate College Guide


These are the two I’m most proud of. Thanks for the opportunity!

[7 Simple Ways to Save Money & Live Better] & [Debt. Get Mad at It. Get Rid of It.]


Thanks for the opportunity!

Here are 2 of my favorites (Negotiating the cost of college down & scholarship timing so we can help students avoid debt in the first place!)


Hi there! Thanks for this opportunity. At DebtWave Credit Counseling, we have about two new posts on our blog each week. Two recent posts that we received a lot of positive feedback on include the following:

3 Secret Ways Credit Cards Get You to Overspend

7 Ways to Increase Your Monthly Income


Hi Steve – I’d love to contribute from my blog Retire By 45.

Here are two for your consideration – thanks!:


Thank you for the awesome opportunity! Here are a few of our most recent blog posts…

For All the Gen Xers Out There

Too Much or Too Little Risk?

Why Budgeting Doesn’t Work


Grateful for this incredible opportunity!

How To File Taxes As A Blogger




Here are a couple from me

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I am interested as well. Here are a couple of my best:


Wow, so many good articles already! I’m excited to see how this works!


Here are two that I’m pretty proud of :slight_smile:



Great idea, thought I would get on the band wagon too. Thanks for the opportunity. I’ve only been blogging a short while but here are a couple of my favorite posts so far