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Here’s one that I would love to be considered:


Here is my latest post that is a beginner’s guide to index investing. I think it’s useful for new and seasoned investors alike. Thanks for the opportunity!


A couple recent ones for consideration:


A few recent ones for consideration from The PocketDVM

Income Where Is As Important As How Much
As an educator at a school of veterinary medicine, it always fascinates me to hear what students have planned following graduation. One thing that always surprises me is that the cost of living never seems to enter the equation when selecting between jobs in different cities.

Getting Married? Congrats - But You Need To Read This First!!
The romance, the ring, the excitement ! Far be it from me to cast a shadow on the whole joyous event, but one of the first things to consider before saying “Will you…” or “Yes” is the potential catastrophic effect on your student loan payments.

Have You Been Pwned??
It seems like 2018 has been the year for stolen data.The process of clearing up ones credit after an episode of identity fraud can take years and thousands of dollars. Yes, there are a few simple steps you can take to minimize your risk.


My latest post – why your 40s are the best time to FIRE:


I am starting my journey this week. Do you remember when you decided to go for FI?


I’ve got a couple that I think fit the bill!


This is such a great opportunity.

This post might be too profession specific, but it’s been well-received. You have my permission to syndicate anything from my site that works for Rockstar.


Super excited about this post!


Here are some more you might enjoy:



Here are a couple of ours that would be of interest to the broad debt-free/PF/FIRE community:

We’re wired to be financially lazy, and we’re being taken advantage of because of it:

And our very latest on why you shouldn’t rely on an inheritance to sort out your finances:


Here’s one of our more recent posts that has received a decent amount of attention on social media. Thanks for considering!


@Steve - apologies, somehow I missed this thread. Feel free to syndicate any of my content, any time, as you see fit. Thanks!


Feel free to syndicate any of mine.




I retired by 45 and had to get a hip replacement by 48. As I continue to recover, here are the life & money lessons from this experience:


Thanks for the awesome initiative. Here are a few contributions from my blog that is applicable to the international market.


Hi Steve,

I’ve just found out about this syndication opportunity, and I’d appreciate your team’s consideration of my blog articles:

Thanks very much!

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You’re the man, Steve. Thanks!