New Rockstar Finance syndication opportunity


May I suggest this post about our spending habits throughout 2018


I draw insights from the “debt snowball” to build positive habits and momentum with a “habit snowball”:


This one was well received. About the importance of habits.

Feel free to use any article on my blog


This one took 19 years to make (to finally share some details of my D… lol). Feel free to share.


Here is a new one that I’d like to submit


This post is doing extremely well on Reddit.


Hello Steve,

Here is my latest post talking about the earned income tax credit at an intro level.

Riley | Young and the Invested


@Steve here’s another post for consideration:



Two others for your consideration, thanks!


A recent article for consideration. I’m happy for anything on my site to be syndicated :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for this fantastic opportunity! Here are a few of my favorite posts, although I’d love for anything on my site to be syndicated. (My post about travel hacking without using credit card points was already syndicated by Women Who Money).


Feel free to use anything from my site


For your consideration…thanks for the opportunity!


10 Financial Habits You Need to Break Immediately

I’m happy for anything from my blog to be syndicated. Thanks for this opportunity!


Hello every one!! This is my first post here after becoming signing up for Rockstar Forums so I am super excited.
I am posting three articles here that I would love to be considered.

  1. 12 Strange ways to Make Money on Fiverr

  2. Be a Money Saving Boss With These Online Platforms

  3. Money’s Not Hard To Find Online, Get Creative With These Ideas

Looking forward to some constructive feedback from the community.

Thanks for this opportunity.


This has been my most successful piece bar none.


This is my longest and most transparent post to-date about my journey to $100k. For consideration, thanks!


Hey @Steve I’ve got a few that I think will do well on Rockstar! A few of them were pretty controversial and I’d love to see what Rockstar readers think.


Thank you very much for this opportunity. I cannot show enough appreciation! I am fairly new to the blogosphere and would love to have any of my posts be syndicated, but the two below are my personal favorites. Feel free to use any posts from my site :slight_smile:


I appreciate the opportunity!