New Rockstar Finance syndication opportunity


Thanks, Fabric. I took a look at those articles, and it’s going to be tough to syndicate those because you’re writing them primarily for your business with lots of links to your Premium stuff. We certainly don’t mind internal links in your articles, but I do ask that they aren’t affiliate links or strictly links designed to sell a product.


Hey Steve,

Here are two posts I think might merit consideration for Rock Star syndication:



Hi Steve (reposting because I am just getting used to the forum and think I replied “wrong”!)

That’s great feedback - thanks. As long as there’s an “originally appeared on…” type link to the original story, we’re open to your removing any backlinks that lead to our actual product. Would that be at all interesting to you?



Thanks Allison - yup, I got it. If I find an article that’s right for Rockstar on Fabric, I’ll bring it over and remove all the links to your paid content. That’ll take additional time, so the article will need to be especially good. :slight_smile:


Thanks! I appreciate it. And apologies for the added layer of complication, but if you let me know I can gladly do some link-stripping for you as well.

**Add’l question: I want to be careful about not spamming this chain (!!) so wanted to check - is there a limit to how often we are allowed to submit to this thread? Or is a one-time-only thing? I would never really submit more than ~once a week tops, but want to make sure I’m playing by the rules. Appreciate it!


There’s definitely no limit. But, only submit your best stuff, not necessarily every post that you write. I usually try not to include more than one post from an individual blog each month.


I would like to submit this post on budgeting:


I would also like to submit this post:


Here is a post I want you to considered


Two new ones for future consideration:


This bad boy was a hit. Feel free to syndicate anything of mine.


Hi, thought this might be worth looking


Here’s a couple of posts that might be interesting for your consideration. Thanks!


Hi Steve,

Here are two stories for your consideration–these don’t have any links to Fabric products inside the articles themselves.



My latest post about how nearly dying was the inspiration to achieve FIRE:


Here’s a list of 7 ways to get your credit card company to cut your interest rate. Many people do not realise the interest rate can be negotiated with just a phone call. I’ve shared short negotiate pitches too. No affiliate links in this one :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Steve,
Here is my latest post. Hope it will be good enough for consideration.


Hi Steve, contrary to the popular sentiment, I wrote an article called “The Case Against Fire.”


Hi Steve,

Here’s a story that could be good as you start to think about your Valentine’s Day lineup.



Here are mines: