New Rockstar Finance syndication opportunity



My latest two posts might be good syndication material.


Two new ones from last month I’m pretty proud of:


New one for potential content syndication


A slightly different take on the rent vs. buy debate.


thanks for the opportunity!


I would love to have this article considered for syndication.


Financial Independence isn’t always about Retiring Early, after several years of planning for an Early Retirement, life threw us a pretty big curve ball.


Here’s a newer one good for any time the market gets volatile.


Here is my recommendation.


One of my latest posts:


Question: Is there any reason why some of your headings are in all capitals while others aren’t? It seems completely random, but want to ask to make sure.


My Rockstar Content of the Year. Written specifically with submission in mind…

Sure you may use what you like from my blog as needed. Thanks!


Here you go! But if you do pick it up… maybe you could hold out until like January? Lol.


Hi Steve,

Thanks for taking the time to check my recommended blog really appreciate it. Also I really value your observation as well.

That is an error on our part and it has been corrected. If you have the time please recheck it, i will appreciate it.

Best Regards.


Hi Steve, great idea and thanks for the opportunity! Just seeing this thread now since I’m newer to the forum but I have 2 posts I would love to share!


Thanks so much!


New one for consideration:


Steve, you’re welcome to syndicate anything from my blog.

– Jim


Perfect, thanks Jim!


You’re welcome to syndicate anything from our blog ( but here are two you might like: