New Rockstar Finance syndication opportunity


Thanks for the boost:



The post I’d like to submit for consideration is around the popular question of investing or paying off student loans. I answered the question by relating it to my childhood dodgeball experience and how the best teams (read: portfolios) require diversification to reach the ultimate goal.



As an addendum, I’d also like to submit my “How to Make Smarter Decisions” post. But if you find other content on my blog interesting, I am more than fine with you using it.



My favorite piece of content is my passive income post-


Hey Dylin, just a heads up that your theme is placing h5 tags around each and every paragraph on your blog, which isn’t good. Not sure why it’s doing that, but you might want to look into why. Assuming that you aren’t manually placing those h5 tags there in the editor, it might be weirdness with your blog’s theme.


Hi Steve – Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve always written my blog text using h5 tags, because I thought it looked better than using regular paragraph text. Is that a problem from an SEO / structural standpoint? If so, I can probably go back and change / update my posts.


The H tags are designed to denote heading text. That is one way of telling Google what text is more important. If you don’t like the way that your paragraph text looks, the proper way to fix that is to use CSS and alter the styling. If it were me, I would absolutely change that.


I appreciate the tip – I’ll definitely make that change!


Submitting for consideration


Below are a few post from my site for consideration. Thank you!


A couple new posts for consideration. Thanks!


A new one from last week for consideration, thanks!


Here’s one of mine for consideration. Thanks!


Great idea and great opportunity!


Another one for potential syndication, some recognizable PF bloggers and some newbies too:


Hello! Here are two more posts for your consideration. Thanks!



My latest post for your consideration.



How did I miss this topic! Thanks for syndicating, I’ve found so many awesome blogs through Rockstar Finance.
Feel free to use any of my posts. My very favorite right now are:


Another one I think would be great for syndication, thanks!


This might be a good one to syndicate!