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Hey all!

I am looking for more articles to syndicate, so please reply with articles that you feel are top-notch that you’d like to be considered for syndication.

Also - please let me know if I have permission to syndicate any article from your blog or only the ones that you mention in your reply. I will assume that I only have permission to syndicate the ones that you mention unless you tell me otherwise.



Just saw this. Great opportunity. Thank you.
Here are a couple


Hi Steve,

You have permission to syndicate any article from my blog.

Here are a few popular ones on my blog that I haven’t yet posted on this forum:

Thanks Steve.


Not sure if this is the type of content you want but with open enrollment around the corner I would like to get the word out.



Thanks, again Steve!


Thank you for this opportunity. This article would speak to your audience “The Myth Of Retiring Early”:


Thank you!


Here are two of my favorite posts.


This one is my favorite.


Here are some that I really liked:


Hi Steve,
You have permision to use any blog post.


Hi, here are a few of my recent favorites:


Thanks for this great opportunity!


Here’s another one:

You can also syndicate any article from my site. Thanks for your consideration!



Thanks for the opportunity. Here are two of my posts for consideration. Happy for you to use any of my others if you choose (I wish!) @Steve

Many thanks!



Here’s two more posts.

One of them is more focused on a military audience but the “don’t gut it out” part still applies to civilians.

This post points out a part of the 4% SWR which is often overlooked— once your portfolio gets through the sequence of returns risk, it may have grown big enough to reduce your withdrawal rate to 3%-3.5%. At that point the portfolio is darn near bulletproof.

As always, feel free to syndicate anything on the site. This “Fog Of Work” post is over seven years old yet it still resonates with readers.