New Rockstar Finance syndication opportunity


Hey ya’all!

@ESIMoney and I have decided to begin syndicating some of the best content on Rockstar finance. Syndication means that we’re posting the article on Rockstar Finance with links back to your original piece. This is extremely common in media and usually sends quite a bit of traffic back to the original blog. Major publications like CNBC and CBS MarketWatch syndicate heavily.

We are making an official public announcement tomorrow, but you good folks get a little sneak peak because you’re on the forums.

Here are the details:

We are looking for content that you are most proud of and would like to be syndicated on Rockstar Finance. If you’re interested, please do provide links to those posts as replies in this thread. Multiple links are okay, but remember, only choose your very best stuff. We insist on only displaying extremely high-quality content.

I cannot stress that part enough. The articles that you are most proud of are what we’re looking for.

We will look through these submissions and decide on which ones that we’d like to syndicate. Syndications may also be on-going if you’re continuously producing high-quality material.

You will get at least two links back to your blog within syndicated posts - however, we will remove affiliate links from the post. Also, we will put “Republished with permission of [blog name]” at the very bottom of the post (your blog name will be linked).

We reserve the right to perform small edits/modifications to the content so it fits better on Rockstar.

We will add a “canonical” link back to your site so search engines can easily resolve duplications.

Anyone interested? Please don’t submit an article that’s already been featured in Rockstar’s curation in the recent past.



Interested? Yes! Have anything at the ready? Not yet :wink: but I will keep following for when I come up with something particularly good.


Remember I was FIRST!


Thanks Steve.


Interested, but have a question regarding photo use and licensing. How will syndication impact the use of photos in a given blog post which have non-commercial use or royalty-free licenses?


CC0 images are fine. If they aren’t, we generally find our own.


Thanks for the clarification, Steve! I’ll add a few posts from my not-yet-dusty archives to the fray:


This is cool! Here are two from me.


How could anyone NOT be interested. Thanks guys for offering this opportunity to us all. Here are a couple of mine…


Thanks Guys! Here’s two for consideration.


Thanks Steve and ESI, this is an awesome opportunity. I’ll throw a couple into the hat.


I’m interested. Thanks, dude!



I’m totally interested!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

Here are two of my finest :slight_smile:


By the way, dumb question here (or maybe dumb person asking a question) how are you all getting the nice little thumbnail images in your links? When I link my articles, I just get the boring text. What am I missing here? Thanks!

Can't get URLs to expand. What am I doing wrong?

Supposed to happen automatically if URL is on a line by itself. Wondering if it has anything to do with the .ca in your domain not being recognized as a web address. @Steve or @ESIMoney should be able to confirm / deny.


This is awesome! We are planning something similar with our new site, Women Who Money. We are focused on information on that site, so we have a “sister site” in progress (bought the domain along with Women Who Money so they go together) that will share women’s stories (their blog posts) to complement the information on the site. You guys are great to do this for everyone! It’s a lot of work (we know!!)


This sounds great thanks! Here is one post so long…


That’s a great idea Steve!

Here are a couple of mine in case :wink:


Here are two of mine:


This was a fun one.