New book! Everyday Millionaires!


My Dad ordered the book for me for Christmas, and it just came in! Woo-hoo!
Anyone else order the book? Mom called dibs on it when I’m done. :sunglasses:

P.S. Also, I got my first like from a Youtube channel!


Lol, I’m crazy.


ESI is doing a series of posts on this book. He seems to like it. :slight_smile:


At first, I was like “What?! Really???”

Then I checked my inbox, and sure enough, I saw his first post! :grinning:
Thanks for the heads up!



Awesome gift. Post what you think of it when done.

I received it recently. I ordered at FinCon18 from the Ramsey folks there. I was very impressed with Chris Hogan’s talk and with Rachel Cruz (Dave Ramsey’s daughter). I got Rachel’s book then too. It too looks good.

The New MND came out then too and I it is unread on my shelf along with others. Ugh. So many books, so little time!


Sure, I could definitely do that. Speaking of which, I think that’d make a great blog series too! :wink:

Oh goodness . . . I totally know what you mean. I’m drowning in new/awesome books. I think the only way I can read them all is to develop a daily schedule and just read slow and steady.


I agree.
Developing a consistent habit is tough.
I’m trying to stick to something like a minimum: 15 min per day or 20-25 pages a day.
Like these suggest:

Happy Learning!


Wow, thanks so much for those links! Those look awesome!!!


You are welcome Invest13
I’m also a big fan of audio books. They are free from my library or minimal cost from Audible. I fill my mind when commuting, waiting, doing mundane chores, traveling, exercising, etc. I get through a ton of books that way.


Yep, I’ve heard a lot of great things about audio books, especially Audible! My Mom helped me set up a bank account this past week (had to cancel my old one because of a move), and I plan to start working out budgets for some of my favorite/most interesting premium services.

The biggest problem I’ve had though is a source of accountability. Setting new habits are like 110% easier with real accountability (from what I’ve heard), and a friend of my Dad’s has mentioned that Masterminds are especially effective for books . . . he’s in one himself and it sounds really cool.

Haven’t figured out the solution to that yet. But for now, I’m going to implement the links you sent me and just start reading as many as I can. :+1:


Sounds great.
Check with your local library too.
Mine has a ton of audiobooks. I download them for free. It may be through an app like Hoopla, OverDrive, or Libby.


Ok, cool. Hadn’t thought of that.


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