New Blogger saying hello


OH MY GOD YOU GUYS, I’ve followed Rockstar Finance here and there for a while, but I somehow never knew there was a forum… and now I look and it’s like - everyone I like and follow from Twitter and out there in the blogosphere :slight_smile: really cool. Look forward to learning from and following you all. I heard there’s a secret bloggers forum as well, but when I tried to click the link I got an error message :frowning: can I request access?
Anyhow, I’m a nurse, homeschooling mom, finance geek, digital nomad, travel addict - I’ve just started writing about all of those things :wink:


Welcome to the fun Kate!


Welcome to the Freak Show, Kate!! Jk - we’re all pretty normal here.

Look forward to checking out your new blog!



@Steve can you see about the access?


Hello and welcome! Lots of good info (and people) here in the forums!


Welcome to the group Kate! :grinning:


Yep! You now have access to the Bloggers Lounge, @Kate.


Hey Kate, welcome to the crew! (I love how I got to say that I’m a blogging veteran. I’ve been on the forums for a week)


lol, what @Accidental_FIRE said. Welcome to the fun, Kate! (and craziness and creative energies)


Hi Kate and welcome!


Welcome Kate !
You will love it here


Welcome! Checking out your blog now…




Welcome to the forums!


Welcome, Kate!


Welcome fellow blogger!


Welcome and glad to have you.


Hi guys, i’m new in this forium… I feel really great and also impressed with your post.
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Welcome!! Great place to be