New Affiliate Opportunity - Early Exit Academy


Hi gang!

After almost a year of planning and intense work, I’m close to launching incredibly engaging online courses at the Early Exit Academy. The first course for Young Escape Artists launches on April 10 and the Midlife Dreamers version opens May 27. Today I’m opening up the Affiliate Program - earn 30% commission ($239 per referral at full price). Interested? Get more information here:

Early Exit Academy Affiliate Program

Just what the heck is the Academy? What makes our offering so unique? It’s a totally different approach to learning - one that’s gamified and interactive. Check out the FREE mini-course:

Kiss your Job Goodbye: 3 Secrets that will Help you Escape the Workforce Early

I’d love to partner with you!



Email me when you get the chance. I have an idea for you. :wink: