Net Worth tracking form by Gail Voz-Oxlade


Hey guys!

A reader just sent me their net worth all filled in to check out (always fun to see!), and hadn’t ever come across this template before, so thought I’d pass it over to y’all.

It’s by financial expert, Gail Voz-Oxlade, and I just created a sub-category called “Resources” where we can start adding to over time for quick access…

Hope it helps!


What sorts of things are you looking for in the resources section?


Oh, I see…

“A place to house any helpful resources for quick access (spreadsheets, budgets, forms, calculators, etc)”


Gail Vaz-Oxlade RULES! @DerekOlsen, you would like her. She’s a no nonsense Canadian PF Guru and focuses on household budgets and their impact on a couple’s relationship. You can find some of her stuff on YouTube under “Til Debt Do Us Part, Full Episodes”


I’m not sure how helpful or what people would put/want to see here, but figured we’ll give it a shot and see :wink:

it’s all an experiment as far as I’m concerned, haha… (well, that and FUN!)


Good idea @J.Money. We all have “resource” pages on our sites, could pick only the best (Rockstar Worthy) to share here! Will be checking it out.