Need help!


So many amazing tips on this post! I just started a blog myself, and it needs some serious improvements.

@Shivika, at first glance, I think your blog looks great! Keep up the good work :o)


Great work pulling this blog together! It’s an endless process of tweaking WP.

@pete_mcpherson already covered a few of my most important recommendations - font size and line breaks.

The larger font size will help with reducing the number of characters and words per line. People have a hard time reading paragraph lines that are very wide. A good rule of thumb in English is 60-70 characters per line. The forum we’re writing on was probably designed with this in mind.

The WP theme you’re using allows the paragraph to go full width. Adding a sidebar is one way to limit the paragraph width. Another option is to go give the html a max-width (I haven’t used WP recently enough to tell you where exactly).

I like the yellow you’ve chosen for your logo. It’s too light for text, though. The links is very hard to read because it’s such low contrast to the white background. You can take the yellow color value to a color picker website for help finding a good complimentary color for the links that would be easier to read.

Lastly, centered text is also harder for people to scan than left-aligned. Something to think about, certainly not a dealbreaker, and you probably have more important things to focus on.

Keep it up!


Ava @millennialmoney congratulations on starting your blog! And, thank you for your feedback. @nicki - great insights and as you can see I already made those changes. Thank you!!


How do I do this? I don’t think mine is set up this way.


Depends on the plug-in. Some you set on WordPress, some have their own site