Need help!


Hello all - looking to get some feedback on my blog, which I started about two weeks ago. If you could kindly give me honest pointers, that would be awesome :slight_smile:

  • Does it communicate its message well? What the blog is for? Who the audience is?etc.
  • Look and feel
  • Ease of finding the menu, and other information
  • Quality of content.

Appreciate all your help!!

Mucho gracias!


I like the style/lay out. I think it is getting the content across. I like the Mars post. Keep it up.

As for your questions, I assume it is for people looking info into PI and just getting their sxxx together.

May consider a menu bar at the top for easy access to about page, etc.


I am new to blogging myself and am not an expert.

You blog does look clean and easy to follow.

For only being a few weeks old, I think that it looks sharp.

There are many people in this community who are technical and I am sure they can provide more detailed feedback.


I think it looks great and I enjoyed reading your content! I’ve RSS subscribed, and I hope to see more in the future. I like that the layout is pretty simple and your use of gifs and images.

The hardest part about blogging is keeping up posting new content on a regular cadence. I pretty much gave up and just post whenever I feel like it.


First thing that I noticed is no share buttons!

When you do add them make sure they have your handles set up. (Ie your Twitter handle on the Twitter share button)


Also good job signing up for private domain. I did see your wp-admin page is visible

@David has a great post about security. Dude, can you link it?


I’ve updated it with some extra stuff, but it’s a great resource to look at when you’re just starting your blog


Thank you so much for your time and feedback, DDD! I will consider the option to move the menu bar - because I am designing it myself, I am learning along the way.
Correct. I want people who are interested in PF or even considering it to understand this field for what it is, and keep the content engaging and fun.


Thank you so much for your feedback, TheFIJourneyman - it’s a work in progress and since I am designing myself, learning what works and doesn’t.


Thank you @Shnugi for the feedback, and truly appreciate your subscription. Content is one of my main goals - to make sure it is generated regularly, but most importantly, it is the type that keeps you interested, makes sense and motivates you toward FI.
Thank you @budgetOnaStick - since I am new to this, can you tell me where and how you see my wp-admin page? I did purchase WHOIS privacy. I will add share/social media buttons.
Thanks for the article @David


Hey there! Your site looks great. I’m a fan of the layout, and for only being 2 weeks old I think you’re in a really good place. To me it feels like it’s for folks 25-35 starting out learning about PF.

Your voice and personality come across well from the posts that I’ve read, and I imagine as you get more comfortable with the platform and style of writing, it will only improve. Do you have an about page with a “hey I’m Shivika” blurb? Your style is very conversational, so it might be a good idea to give your readers a feel for who they’re talking to. Just a thought!

I’ll echo that some kind of navigation menu would improve user experience (and therefore, pageviews).

Overall, great job! I subscribed to your mailing list and I’m looking forward to keeping up with your posts. :slight_smile:


Your About and Contact pages seem to be default from your theme. I’d update them to whatever you want them to say.


@BestLifeKaty - thank you for the love (as in subscribing to my newsletter). EEEeks! I just got my first subscriber. :kissing_heart: Super pumped. Working on the design - the current WP theme does not allow me to add menu, etc so totaly revamp happening, so to speak.
@_TJ - yup, working on this…the theme is very limited and I have already spent hours fixing so may go with another theme. Hopefully you guys can check it out again soon!

Thank you so much - this means a lot, and I am truly truly grateful.


I love the simplicity, but put the page bar on the top instead of the bottom so it’s easier to find. Great stuff though.


Thank you @MonkeyFreeMe - I just went through the entire ramp up - took me like the whole day, but I am feeling good about it.
@David @budgetOnaStick @TheFIJourneyman @BestLifeKaty @Dads_Dollars_Debts @Shnugi @_TJ - please check out the site now. :slight_smile:

phew! almost done.


I like the changes. Nice work!


Not seeing share buttons and the Twitter bird at the bottom of the page doesn’t find your account


Agree with @budgetOnaStick, you need social media share buttons. Extremely important


Pop some popcorn:


I love the minimal design personally, so nice work. Logo looks great on desktop and mobile.

Only concern I have is that font size is a bit small for my taste. I prefer to appeal to the lowest-common-denominator amongst us…and have minimum of 17-`18px font size.


From the posts I’ve looked at, the content is really, really dense. Larger paragraphs (more than 2-3 sentences), smaller fonts, lack of images, and dense concepts might make yours posts very hard to read.

Depends on your goals I suppose, but if those goals include teaching people, imparting knowledge, etc…you might want to…

  • include more line breaks (making it easier to skim and flow through for many people)
  • bump up the font size 1 or 2px.
  • Add in more relevant images/graphics (in addition to Leo gifs :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
  • Focus more on explaining on a 3rd grade level (more metaphors, examples, etc).

Just my 2 cents. You’re writing is great, but I personally wouldn’t read a lot of it due to format :slight_smile:

Oh oh oh…and some of your posts don’t have any graphics…so when those are shared on Social Media, it just shares your logo.

Not a terrible thing…but could be nice to at least include one graphic/image for social share purposes.


THANK YOU for not having excessive ads or pop-ups so far. I’d say keep it that way…but I might provide your email subscription form in the footer or something…just to leave that opportunity open.

As others have mentioned, share buttons.

Also…I might make some of your links open in a new window :slight_smile: Super easy in WordPress.

Quick tip:

Head to Twitter and try and find every human being from these forums. Follow us. It’s going to be a huge source of traffic for you right off the bat.

Other than that…

Welcome to the community, your blog looks great, and looking forward to seeing what you produce!!


@budgetOnaStick @David working on the social links as we speak…since I am doing all the designing and tweaking (and I did that until 1 am last night) my eyes are all crossed up. I have looked at my site soo many times now that I am like “does it all even look good anymore”

@pete_mcpherson if I could hug you via the screen, I would. Thank you so much for such a thorough evaluation of the site…my heart is full. All points duly noted, and will spend another day working on this. Hope to have it all tied up by tomorrow. I will get crackin’ on the twitter bandwagon even as I work through the updates. Thank you :pray: