My son is 12. What can he do (realistically) to earn money?


The trick is: land yards in your area to make the ride worth it. And get a rope, and wedge the weed eater on top (bottom up) so that it hangs on the push-mower’s handle. Then you can just tie a rope to the bike seat beam and it’ll roll along right behind you without issues. That was the best money I made per hour for a long, long time.


Ironically, I lasted one week at babysitting. A 7-year-old running around the yard naked and screaming? Then when they added another one - nope, too much. Plus, the hourly rate was horrible. Back to mowing for me.


Freelance? When he is good at writing or… not the best idea, but playing online slots Book Of Ra Deluxe 6 for money? But do not recommend. Too risky and stupid.


Yeah I was going to say mow lawns, gardening, chores like that. I had a paper route for seven years but I never made much money at it. If someone decided not to pay, the paper boy absorbed the losses, extra papers - the paperboy, collecting took forever. Didn’t mail in but we went door to door sometimes several times until we got someone home. I was paid 70 bucks a month for 100 papers about five mile route, which I later walked because the bike kept breaking down, after stopping at the fast food places and eateries all the time, I was lucky to make ten bucks a month. I feel another blog posting coming on


Play online money games? or Book Of Maya slot? I tried afew timea and the prices are really small :frowning_face::-1:


A lot of the other people discussed the side hustles that are out there. It may be hard if neighbors aren’t close by, but he could always post the painting, raking, other services at a library and see what comes up.

Also, there are a lot of ways he could start earning online. There are great websites (Swagbucks, Toluna) where he could earn money online from surveys and other activities. He could also start blogging, create a website, and eventually turn that into an income producing venture. He could start flipping items on Ebay that he finds on clearance elsewhere. If you would still like them to have different activities, they could look for tasks on an app like Thumbtack as well. There are plenty of people that need help and he could sign up to help them with their tasks!

Love the post though and the responses you have received so far to date.


He can use some new bingo sites no deposit required, but just for fun. I am not sure, that people can earn real money there…


The opportunities are endless. Is he into crafting? You could help him make fall holiday centerpieces with Mason Jars. I recently wrote a post on this called 20 family fall activities to do with little or no cost and a few of them I highlighted as side-hustles. He is the perfect age to teach him about entrepreneurship. He could also make holiday wreaths for sale.


how about starting a blog?


Pysical work in farms , construction sites


What city do you live in? My wife’s a teacher and a couple of her kids at school charge electric scooters in the afternoons. (Bird scooters and Lime scooters). They’re only available in select cities right now. One kid made $3k this summer.

TBH, I think legally they’re supposed to be 18 to ride the scooters. So they must have signed up with their parents info.

Anyway, cool to see kids hustling at a young age!


I love this question – my son is 10 and I’m thinking the same thing. For the summer, what about growing and selling vegetables? I was also thinking about baking Christmas cookies or making soup, but I’m not sure of the legal ramifications of this and of course, I’d have to help.

If you have a blog, you can also pay for guest posts :wink: