My name is Carlos SlimShady


Hi kids, do you like retirement?

I am Carlos SlimShady, the writer behind The Brokest MBA in America. If you like living frugally so you can do things like lose money on cryptocurrency and buy more VIX, or you hope to achieve FIRE through privatization of a state owned utility, then this is the blog for you.

I took on a ton of debt to get my MBA. Afterwards I became an expat management consultant, and now write about my efforts to pay it all off. I cover saving strategies, investing, and of course side hustles. Applied to be a dating app message ghostwriter? Check. Purchased overstock electronics for resale? Double check. Real estate note investor where I acquired a home with a basketball sized wasp nest? Yes all great ideas, time to write about them.

I have followed the FIRE community for about 2.5 years and look forward to interacting with you all.


Love the name and the self deprecating humor :grinning: Welcome to the forums Carlos SlimShady, glad to have you here with us.


Hi Carlos. I’m Tom. Welcome to the forums.


welcome to the club! am looking forward to reading more!


Welcome! I didn’t know dating app message ghostwriting was a thing. Maybe if I wasn’t married I’d consider hiring you LoL!


Welcome to the forums!


Hey Carlos, welcome.


I envisage a scenario where two dating ghostwriters are just typing away on other people’s tinder accounts


Hey Carlos,

I love your honesty and the “Brokest MBA in America” line!


I’d rather stick nine inch nails through each of my eyelids than read your nonsense! haha

Love the intro! Welcome to the forums slim!


Since I am in position to talk to these kids and they listen, I ain’t no politician but I will kick it with the kids a minute to teach them some finance.

Excited some many people seem in on it.