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We will be selling our paid for home when we retire so I track it as a retirement investment. After we sell it I will add the proceeds to our retirement portfolio. If I was not selling it in retirement then I would not track it.


It’s only money… how much you have or don’t have isn’t nearly as important as your personal relationships and your relationship with JC and God.
Ask anybody that has money, it doesn’t buy happiness.

I suggest finding a different scorecard… focus on who and how you spend your most precious asset, your time.

Good luck.


Negative, Fritz. I just started calculating ours and let’s just say I was surprised. I’m not going to report actual numbers, but comprehensive post to follow. This is a great and worthwhile topic to present - stoked to contribute my $0.02


We track our net worth on the first of every month. Only the first. On the dot. Just to have those data points in 30 years when we make our own graph in comparison to the SPX 500. Not sure why…but it would be an pretty eye candy post.


Ohh ah, you beat me to it!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m going to track this and post it :slight_smile: Thanks


What if it’s too depressing? Tracking different things sometimes discourages me… often enough anyway…I just started my blog and I thought tracking my progress would build momentum… but it doesn’t always since the progress is slow (by millenial perspectives) :slight_smile:


I glance at my net worth every now and then and It’ll be in the red for a while but it has motivated me to start actively paying off my loans while still in deferment.