My Debt Free Story


Hi everyone, this thread is awesome-so many smart people and amazing debt stories on here! I just started my new blog

Here is my debt free story!


Congratulations! Being debt free is totally awesome! :smiley:


Great story! And best of luck on the new blog-it looks awesome already!


Kyle, congrats!!! I visited your site. Very nice start. I tried to leave comment but it thinks I’m a ‘bot’. I’ll visit again soon. Best wishes for your journey in 2017!


Thank you!!!


Thanks for visiting! I’m not sure why it thinks you’re a “bot!” I’ll look into it! Thanks again much appreciated!


I looked into the “bot” situation, I’m not sure why it is continuing to say this!? Any wordpress help out there!? Thanks!


Wow, that’s awesome! I can only imagine how good you must feel. :slight_smile: I am up to my eyeballs in student loan debt myself and working on my own debt free journey. If you ever get a minute, check out my blog

Good luck to you!