My #1 money tip for getting out of debt


Creating a budget plan may not seem easy initially! You may have to list all of your income sources against that of your expenses for the month. Strike off those items that you may actually do without. you’ll be left with items that are termed as necessity. Developing a budget plan helps you get rid of unnecessary expenses. This, in turn, helps you pay off your debt on time.


Stop trying to manage debt and start eliminating it.


Stop trying to impress others, really they don’t care, so therefore, no need to buy stuff to impress. Ie. a lady at work showed her very pretty engagement ring, yes, very nice, but do I really care? Nope.)

Imagine and feel the feeling of having a big debt.
Now imagine and feel the feeling of no debt.
Compare the two, which feels better? Think about that feeling when you feel like spending money, then ask do I want the thingmagig more than the feeling of being debt free?

Use a slow cooker, great dishes, saves money.


I’ve found out a few quick steps to extend my savings like washing a few of my own clothes without dropping all of them to the laundry or say drinking water at the restaurant instead of ordering another beer can. You may try them as well!


I will say, will power. and live below your means. Both sound like a cliche but it is true.