Money wins this month


Feeling really good now after going through my November budget! I had a couple wins this month that I’m super happy with:
1 - did my first money experiment (budgeted my “fun” money weekly) and came out over $17 saved. Also used my Moneyhugger Twitter account to keep me accountable.
2 - this was the best one. I spent SIXTEEN dollars on gas this month. The best rest was covered by work!

Did you have any money or budgeting wins this month?!


Mine’s more of a side-hustle win. I’m having a record month in selling my graphic designs online. It’s Christmas, people are spending!


Thats awesome!! I guess its a record month for mine as well, I made some unexpected cash through the twitter account!


That’s extremely impressive with your gas spending!

My wife and I managed to cut out electric bill in half this monthcompares to last months bill! That was pretty awesome!

I must say that is a win.


Nice!! I made it a point to only run my errands when worked allowed for it (the stop was on my way) and it seemed to work out great!


That’s awesome! it feels great being able to cut back and save a few bucks here and there.


We signed a new client and didn’t have to compromise on any of the contract terms.


It was nothing that I did, but there was 3 pay days in November instead of two. That will allow me to take care of holiday gift buying with zero impact on my normal saving/investing schedule.


Thats awesome! I have three in December!


Some awesome wins. Thanks to all for sharing!


We bought an EBike kit so hopefully next year we will sell one of our cars and drive less!


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