Moment of silence for Eric's phone




LOL 2G is still a thing??
Some flip phone old school right there.


i do wish they stopped making smart phones the size of laptops though! I miss how easy they were to stick in your pockets! :slight_smile:


I found my old Nokia brick a couple of weeks ago during a purging session. The waves of nostalgia were intense.


I unloaded my flip phone for a smart phone with data about two years ago. Ironically my smart phone data plan was cheaper. Still I get the point about the size and durability of new phones. They seem to be getting bigger lately, when really I prefer my phones small so they fit in my pocket.


for a wannabe minimalist, i sure do still keep all my old phones :slight_smile: it’s cool to see them progress over the years except for the size… i still loved my Nokia brick too - even had a matching neon green cover to match my car! (that’s right - neon green baby, don’t be jealous!)


My moto x first gen. from republic wireless has finally stopped charging. Had my flip phone for 6 years before that, it stopped charging too. Why do they suddenly stop charging, but still work fine? All the new phones are basically kindle or iPad size!! How can I put a giant phone in my pocket? I just want to get a smart flip phone. RIP small pocket phones.


I"m telling you… it’s going to come back in fashion! Any phone company would be smart to start working on it!


@J.Money they must have listened to you, these launched today… apparently resurrected (zombie?) Nokia bricks.


I work with some older, cough, cough, . . . gentlemen who still use flip phones. They look at me like I’m weird sometimes when I pull out my brick of a smartphone. It’s all good though - I still have my first phone too - Motorola Adventure, my wife had the Razr.


BEAUTIFUL!!! The trend is a starting! :slight_smile:


Sign me up in the UK!!