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Hi All,

I posted a little while back about creating a new personal finance tool. It was the feedback and advice from this community that helped me get started. I’m at a point where I have a lot of the application done but I want to know if there are additional features you guys want to see. I have the bandwidth to add things some additional things if you guys want them. Different views? Different features? Etc.

Anyone up for a screen share? I’ll show you what I have now!

Thanks again,

oh my website is if you missed the original post.


I’d be up for a demo!


cool! what time works for you? I’m around now until 7 or so tonight, or anytime tomorrow. We can use my uber conference link: Just let me know when you’ll be on.


So I’d love to be able to separate out my rental unit (units for many others) and then my blogging business but still keep it all in one place. Mint doesn’t do that so well. Basically, can we have budgets for both normal life and then for each side hustle?


Interesting concept. I’ve thought about something similar with couples that want to have their own budget but also a household budget. How do you do it today? I imagine others have similar situations. It’s pretty easy for me to create a meta budget category that would allow you to define the budget (i.e., Blog) and the cash flow (income and expenses) associated with it. You would have a Total View (combined budgets), Blog View, and Rental View.


Personal capital BLOWS mint out of the water, I not so silently judge people when they tell me they’re serious about money, but use mint.

I’d suggest the following:

  1. Try a bunch of personal finance sites, see what you’re missing
  2. Making your site public for people to try, so they don’t have to coordinate with you to try it


Thanks. 1. is how I started and got to where I am today. 2. is about a month away.


I like that idea where you can have sub-budgets and then see a combined view for your overall picture.


We have this projections card - I’ll play around with three tabs at the top – Total, Blog, Rental


Here’s the thing: People lie to themselves. ALL. THE. F*CKING. TIME. Especially when it comes to money.

For that reason budgeting sucks the joy out of life for many and, like most diets, is doomed to failure from the outset.

So to save people from themselves build a forecasting engine that is solely powered by actuals (i.e. what they actually spent) rather than what they hope to spend, barring any unforeseen emergencies (which occur with monotonous regularity) or “one off” anniversary/birthday/Christmas/holiday spends. Project the future based on their actual past. Even better, make it mandatory without the option of switching it off.

It will be disheartening.

It will shock.

However for those willing to pay attention to the pretty charts and fancy reports, it is the thing most likely to change behaviours.

For bonus points readily support tagging of transactions/categories/accounts to allow standard “canned” reports like cashflow, profit & loss, etc to show slices of activity from a given rental property or business or whatever.


I love the way you wrote this. And its music to my ears because that is exactly what the projections are. I look at your current cash balances (pulled from yodlee api) as well as upcoming income and expenses (that you tell me) and generate the projected balances that way. I should probably stop comparing it to Mint and maybe compare it to Personal Capital because it isn’t a budgeting tool for the reasons you listed.

Thank you for your feedback.


So that is the same as Moneydance etc.

I’m saying don’t trust the upcoming bill calendar stuff alone for the projections, use the real numbers to base them on. The bank statement transactions don’t lie.

An honest power user will have all their recurring transactions setup so your forecasts paint an honest picture.

However the majority of the population still thinks they can win the lottery, or have a long happy retirement after a lifetime of earning minimum wage. You can’t trust their judgement, or their honesty… neither can they, so take the projections out of their hands.


Good points.


Oh cool, I’m working from home tomorrow so that would work better for me.


Perfect. I’ll be here!


3 Things I’d Love to See

  1. A better tool for managing variable income. My wife is a hairdresser so our income can be topsy turvy from month to month. I’d love a tool that could simply help better project income flow and then, based on historical expenses, tell me a safe amount to save during any given month.

  2. An easier way to track cash expenses. This is going to make me sound lazy, but manually entering every cash expense we have into Mint is a pain in the patootie. And back to hair dresser thing, we typically have a lot of cash on hand and not much time to get to the bank, racking up a fair amount of cash expenses. You could take a page out of Ibotta’s book with a receipt scanner tool.

  3. Connectivity to EVERY banking platform. Mint doesn’t connect to BankMobile Bold and that holds almost a third of our assets.

I’d love to do a live demo! I work in marketing and product development has always been an interest of mine!


Handling variable income has been consistent theme – in this forum and in the sign-up survey I send out. I have a few ideas on how to handle this feature. Thanks for your feedback! (I sent you a PM for the demo)


I moved from Mint to YNAB a few years ago as Mint seemed to just be a way of tracking spending rather than actually making people improve and set goals etc. YNAB does a much better job of this than Mint ever did.

Personal Capital is dreadful for budgeting in my opinion. Great tool for tracking investments, awful for budgeting, too rigid.