Millennials are Killing


Agreed! I’ve noticed for all of corporate entities’ talk about the “free market” what they really want is a monopoly, or a system in which they’re guaranteed success but everyone else can fail. I think some businesses actually get so big that they think they’re entitled to our money, and they don’t have to do anything to earn it. Just keep churning out the same old tired products and presentation.

@The_Vigilante I think @TheHappyPhilosopher meant “creative destruction” in the economic sense :wink:

I was just at a car show, talking to a corporate guy from a major auto parts retailer, and he tells me they’re all scared shitless by Tesla and driverless cars. People will still need oil and tires I guess, but a lot of their business model is going to fall apart and the people at the top are either good ol’ boys who are unwilling or unable to change, or they simply don’t know what to do about it.


Oh, you’re right! I completely misread that, @TheHappyPhilosopher, sorry! And as usual, you’re right :slight_smile:


I am often wrong, but never in doubt :wink:


I agree, restaurant chains aren’t that great of an experience.

Just like @TheFrugalGene I prefer experiencing new foods when going out. My favorites so far are Japanese and Mexican, but I still have lots of other ethnic foods to try out!

I also LOVE home cooked meals! There’s no way any chain restaurant can top that. Whether I cook it myself just the way I like it or I eat at my relatives’ or friends’, home cooked meals are still the best.

I’m sorry if people risk losing jobs over this, but unless these guys manage to find a way to re-target their business, it really is their fault.


Millennials are killing Professor Plum.

In the library.

With a candlestick.


You can buy frozen wings at wholesaler clubs and make them in the oven. How did BWW even make it this far?

@PoF Ooh hahahaha :joy::joy:


I feel like they’re clinging on to the good old days. Basic principle, if you don’t adapt you will be forgotten.


Looks like Buffalo Wild Wings is trying to make it!


Why make better food when you can add touch screens?!


Thanks so much for sharing this, I read that entire Wikipedia entry. Lots to be rationalized from reading that and applying it to what is happening to the world today.

Oil is having one of it’s longest sustained downturns
EV companies/cars are surging
People rejecting the big house notion
Big Box stores suffering while Amazon grows

Many more examples…great discussion everyone.


Speaking of which, I got a kick out of this:

Apparently Applebee’s (which, along with IHOP, is supposedly closing 100-160 locations) is “giving up” on millennials all together… probably wise.


:joy: Oh, were they trying?!


Yeah exactly. When I watched “The Big Short” I thought how could all of these smart people allow this to happen in today’s world. That one was definitely not our fault. It is hard saving up for a house but I would rather save and be responsible than apply for a subprime mortgage and have my house ripped away from me.


I appreciate the consistency of chain restaurants when traveling. BWW is really close to me and I’ve been once, because I’d cooked for the friend who was over and we needed a second meal.
I am 100% for trying to eat at local restaurants when possible. My dad & stepmom visited once and we ate at chains the whole time. Her stomach wasnt feeling great, so we went to the diner, ok. Dad never gets to go to Dennys, so we did that. My stepmom doesn’t do seafood, and we walked into one local place, renown for their crab soup, she could smell it so no go, we ended up at red robin.
I will blame my lack of interest in Applebee’s on my cheap ex, we went there or chili’s as default and ordered a lot of pizza, and basically got burnt out on the menus, so I’ve had no interest in a any of them.
I also cook really tasty food I enjoy, and get to be in my comfy pants not around screaming kids and clattering silverware and tvs droning with sports I don’t care about. :grinning:


Serious question, I’m 34 this week and have never felt included with “Millenials”. Is the whole Xennial think legitimate or am I just missing the point?


generation names are kind of arbitrary anyway but…

gen x ended in 1979/1980, whereas millennials started in 1980, but since a lot of early millenials don’t feel like there part of the same generation as people born in the 90’s, some early 80’s people are called xennial. i’ve only seen up to 82 considered xennial.

i was born in 84, too, and feel older than all these “millennials” even if I may be technically one of them


No wants to get lumped in with the Milleniels, because they get blamed for killing everything.

I was born Jan of 81, few more days and I would of been solidly in Gen X camp where I belong, instead of technically a Millieniel.

Socially I have always been a bit more mature, and went into the Army at 17.

My experiences are more in common with Gen X than millieniels


You always nail it PoF


In real life Tesla is broke and and its lifeline is subsidy at the tax victim’s expense.


Why is it supposedly hard to save for the shelter? In 2011 one could buy a brand new 2 bedroom apartment in a good neighborhood for $$$20-30,000. It’s very affordable.