Military FI Meet up / Money Retreat


Hello everybody,

I’m interested in seeing whether anybody would be interested if myself and another blogger created a military-focused money retreat, a la CampFI, Camp Mustache, or Chautauqua. These camps are a couple days to a week long and offer an opportunity for like-minded people to come together to discuss financial independence (investing, real estate, mindset, etc) but also enjoy a relaxing week/weekend in a vacation spot for not too much money.

This is VERY preliminary thinking, but here are our initial thoughts:

  • Hold the event on base, with rooms at the base inn and free facilities (if allowed?), to keep costs low. Another option would be to hold them at Armed Forces Recreation Centers so people could enjoy a normal vacation spot before or after the event.
  • Start with areas with high concentrations of military members, like DC, Tampa, and Colorado Springs. If it’s successful, we’d expand to other areas.
  • Featured speakers would be from the military money blogger/podcaster community. I have only spoken to one of them so far so I’m not going to name names, but you can probably guess some of the people we’d invite.
  • We’d also consider non-bloggers/podcasters if you have a great story to tell!
    Because we are both active duty military members, these wouldn’t be as frequent as some of the other similar events that are run by retirees, but we could try for 1-2 in the first year to see how it goes.

Open to your thoughts in the comments!


I’m interested in a CampFI/Camp Mustache event! As long it does not conflict with FinCon or the Military Influencer Conference. (Of course a complementary event would be great.) I’d hate to have to choose among one or the others.

I’m interested in Chautauquas as long as the host country is outside of the Dept of Defense’s definition of a combat zone… and as long as I don’t have to let DoD know I’m going there.