Market Correction-What did you buy?


The US stock market hit its most recent low during this recent correction on Friday. I added to my shares in Southern Company. Nothing sexy, but a nice 5.3% dividend yield. Anybody else buy something during last weeks market volatility?


I added to my JNJ collection.


You can’t go wrong there. Great buy.


JNJ, D, KMI and JPM. Might add more to my DIS if things trend lower


Very nice. I almost added to D, but it’s already a large position.


Bought more VTSAX index fund through vanguard. Not sexy but it works…


I like slow and steady too.


Added some PG. Can’t go crazy as most of the money saved is going toward the wedding fund


Congrats, but PG is a good choice anyway. :grinning:


D, T, and VFIAX


Looks like some nice purchases. Tom


It was definitely a big drop, but really only brought the market back to Nov/Dec 2017 numbers. With that said, I still purchased some FSTVX, AAPL and JPM!


Nothing extra :frowning: A bit disappointed, but that’s what happens when you just DCA (out of necessity/paycheck) and have an emergency fund as cash. No extra capital to pump into the markets right now!


Bought just a little here and there - this was just a small correction and I was kind of hoping for a bigger one before buying VTSAX


I bought another stack of high society in DGRO. It is one of those commission free iShares offered through Fidelity. I should have bought two, and I suppose it’s not too late.

FWIW, I’m not a fan of picking individual stocks for dividend yield.

I should have bought more ERX. Likely will if it goes south toward $25 again.


I bought a bunch of Canadian bank stocks and Enbridge


I added to my VEA collection.


I sold the dip, tax loss harvesting out of VTSAX into VFIAX, creating a step-by-step guide to TLH in the process.



Is this some promotion…seriously though it was a good article and saved on my list of useful articles.


I wish I would have bought more but I picked up 1 share of AAPL and 6 shares of VTI. I was figuring there would be more selling come Monday, 2/12 but the market has reversed course and shot up. Back to my regularly scheduled dollar cost averaging.