Mama Fish Saves now Smart Money Mamas


Hi all!

Not really an introduction but I wanted to let everyone in the community know that my site has transitioned from Mama Fish Saves to Smart Money Mamas. My mission has shifted a bit to really creating a place for moms to see their own financial stories and start building a better financial future for themselves and their children.

I’ve added a lot of new voices and will be producing a lot more content. (5 days a week through the end of the year, then every day starting Jan 1!)

So, if you are looking for Mama Fish Saves, I didn’t disappear. Just moved :slight_smile:

P.S. Still working on fixing some minor glitches with the transition (opt-in forms not loading consistently, a few posts with broken images) but it should be corrected by tomorrow morning. If you see anything, feel free to let me know!


I love the new name! I waited to get my post about my first piece with you done until the rebranding finished.

Logo looks great!