Looking for feedback on my newest article


Hey guys!

I just finished a 5000+ word article and was hoping to get some feedback from the Rockstar community.

I’d really appreciate your thoughts and suggestions on this post as I’ve spent a considerable amount of time on it and I want it to be super useful to others.

Let me know your thoughts!


Looks great after the changing the headings!


Wow that’s quite the article! Very comprehensive.

I might add some h3’s in between some of the h2’s, to break up the text just a little more.

Definitely a super useful post, and it shows you spent a lot of time on it.


Everyone else will say things that are more useful. But one thing I did notice that bothered me. When talking about 2 for 20 restaurant deals, you mention you and a friend can get an appetizer and a meal, split the bill and feel stuffed for $10. That would be $10 + tip right? I would hate the thought of someone going out to eat that does not tip, it is part of the expense and should be factored in right? Just a little thing.




Most definitely! Servers need to be paid. I didn’t think about adding that in. I went back and addressed it. Thank you for reading it so thoroughly.


I’ll look into changing the spacing. I appreciate it.