Looking for an article about online math tutoring


I read an article in the past couple months about a guy (I think) who started a side hustle tutoring math using Facebook search to find clients. It talked quite a bit about how he got started and how he finds clients. I’m not sure where I saw the article, who wrote it, when it was written, etc., but it was on one of the many finance/FIRE/savings blogs or websites. Does this ring a bell with anyone? I’ve been searching this morning and I can’t re-find it. I want to send it to my Spanish teacher friend as a possible side hustle idea…


Not for me - sorry.


Is it Zach at Four Pillar Freedom? He is an online statistics tutor. I remember because I commented on his blog since I was a math tutor (in-person)… and it can be quite lucrative… I was making $60/hour.


Could be, looks likely. Thank you!!!