Looking for a Insurance


Hello guys, I am running a small startup in Toronto. Last day, an accident occurred in our building. We had never gone through any security procedures. Does any commercial insurance from Toronto help me gain any benefits? Please share your views.


Hi, my sincere condolence for your shortcoming. These unforeseen mishaps create a lot of menaces, and I can absolutely relate! Something similar happened in my company too, and the damage control was incredibly hassle-some. Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone from Toronto who can help you here. However, in our case, I had taken the help of a colleague from college. He’s a graduate in Finance and had done various courses on insurance online to become a certified agent. He has become a successful LIC agent now and been mostly dealing with life insurances. However, he may have some prior knowledge of commercial insurance. Do let me know if you haven’t gotten any leads so far. I could get in touch with him if you like. I cannot ascertain anything, but you never know! I do genuinely hope this gets resolved soon! All the best!