Looking for a good email host


What are some affordable email hosts that you would recommend? Thanks!


GMail is a pretty good one. I use Zoho Mail for my ThinkSaveRetire email, which is also pretty good.


I’ve been told Aweber is decent as well. Thank you!


For email, I use gmail but I hear outlook is good too.

If you are looking for newsletters, I recommend Mailchimp. It has a free option up to 2000 subscribers.


GMail for sure. I’ve used it for years and have been VERY happy with it.


I gave up hosting my own email, because it was such a hassle to deal with spam. Gmail has been great.


You use Gmail as a email distribution program? It’s good for sending thousands of emails at once?


No, they’ll block you after a while. I sent several hundred emails once and they started rejecting new ones of similar content.

For mass-mailings I use MailChimp with one account and ConvertKit for another.


Oh ok. That’s what I was referring to. Thanks for your help. Is mail chimp expensive?


No I use MailChimp, but I also don’t send a whole lot of mail out.


MailChimp has a free option. No reason not to at least try it out.


I guess it will integrate with wordpress? I’ll check into it. Thanks so much sir :slight_smile:


Ok thanks. Mail chimp seems to be peoples choice. I’ll look into it. Thanks!


I use zoho mail for most of my businesses which has been absolutely brilliant.


Being a frugal personal finance blogger price is definitely an issue for me. Are they reasonable? Thanks so much for your post!


Since I only need it for one email per business, it’s free. The free package does only cover one domain, so I just open multiple zoho accounts. The 5gb that the free package comes with is enough for me too and encourages me to keep a clean inbox.


Free is GOOD! I will check into it. Thank you Pia :slight_smile:


Zoho Mail is what I’m using for mail on my domain as well. Nameserver setup is easy, and it’s all just forwarding to my gmail - with the ability to send from there and use Zoho’s server.

I hadn’t realized that Google Apps for your Domain doesn’t have a free plan anymore until I tried to set it up. :frowning: Looks like there aren’t too many free email hosts out there anymore.


I love Mailerlite, it’s SO EASY to use! I’ve tried Sumo and Mailchimp but Mailerlite was by far the easiest to set up. It syncs really well with Wordpress too [there’s even a free plugin you can use for forms]


And this is good for mass mailings too? Affordable? Thanks for your help!