Let's spread the word about the Rockstar Finance Forum!


Hi all!

More and more I think this forum has a lot of potential. I was hoping we could get a little campaign going to spread the word. I was thinking we could all post some content on social media and increase awarness of the forum!

I also wrote an article about the forum for anyone interested in sharing to try and drive some people over here to sign up:

Why You Need to Join The Rockstar Finance Forum: http://stockstreetblog.com/2017/04/27/need-join-rockstar-finance-forum/

Maybe we can do something like #joinrockstarfinanceforum or something like that? I know there are many people more gifted with social media than I am so maybe someone has a better hashtag than that haha.

Anyone have any other ideas?


Rock on, @Stock_Street. Appreciate the blog post, my friend. One of the best ways to spread the word are mentions in blog posts. The more incoming links from around the PF community, the better. :slight_smile:


I think the hashtag should be simplified some to just #RockstarFinance. But I think this is a good idea.


I baited a few fish on Reddit with a link to your post, we’ll see if they come over.


@Steve My pleasure! I’m seeing a decent amount interest on my end from the article I wrote. Hopefully it brings some new faces!


@Josh That sounds fine to me. I’ll use #RockstarFinance from now on when posting about it. Unless anyone else comes up with a better one.


@OthalaFehu I saw some traffic from Reddit from that already! Hopefully they make their way over here. And thanks for the tweet!


@Steve @Josh @OthalaFehu

Thanks for participating to help spread the word about the forum last week! I had nice amount of traffic coming to the article, and it looks like I had quite a few clicks to the forum. Whether or not those clicking through to the forum signed up is another question. But hopefully a few did!

OthalaFehu, that was a good idea posting on Reddit. I saw traffic coming from over there.

I’ll continue tweeting #RockstarFinance trying to drive more people over here.


@GarySST Thanks for sharing the article on Twitter today!


Anytime we can spread that “gospel” of personal finance is time well spent. :smiley: