Let's see if this works. Map Yourself!


If I did this right, you all ought to be able to click on the link and pin yourself on the map. You can do it with your exact address or only the city. I hope this works.

Rockstar Forum Members Map

If it doesn’t work, someone let me know and I’ll keep messing with it. Or if there’s no interest in the idea, just let it die.

P.S. Just so you know, this map is only visible to people who follow the exact link above. I’m not super-paranoid, but I’m not excited about sharing too much info out there.

Hi from North Carolina

Pretty neat. Just pinned myself and hope others use it as well … although I think @J.Money is putting together a database that will have a similar feature?


It appears to be working just fine. Let’s see if there’s another Rockstar near you!


Added! Thanks for creating this


Awesome! Thanks for putting this together, I like things that are neato.


Marked! :slight_smile:




Im in!


I thought I’d show the Southern Hemisphere some love.


Pinned my location. Thanks for making this @edgarpickle!


Nice! Thanks for putting this together.


I put my pin on! I was going to do this myself- just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. Good on ya!


Woahhhh - that’s pretty cool!!

You guys are creative! haha…

We are indeed working on one for our Blogger Directory down the line, but this one here that marks the forum members is a helluva great idea.

This is fun!!


Great idea! Added. Thanks for putting this together!


Amazing idea! Added myself (at country level though).
I also edited the Map’s name and removed few unused layers.
I like google MyMaps, I use it all the time. I just used it for a recent trip to Mexico. Love it :slight_smile:




Pinned myself last night. Pretty cool!

Looks like I’m the only on in Texas. Gotta be more, for shore.


When I click the link, I don’t see anything that would allow me to pin myself. Do I need to sign in to a Google acct. to do so?


Cool! Just added myself! :slight_smile:


Just did it