Let's help people pay off debt with #DebtDrop


Hey everyone! My name is Melanie Lockert, founder of DearDebt.com and leader behind #DebtDrop.

In January 2016, I started donating $50 per month to help my readers pay off debt. I paid off $81,000 in student loans and truly couldn’t have done it without my blog so was looking for a way to give back.

Throughout 2016, I’ve had people match my donation and @J.Money was one of the biggest supporters. We were able to make a difference in some people’s lives and pay off over $900 in debt.

We know this doesn’t solve everyone’s problems, but we like to think it gives them a little hope for the day, and reminds them that they’re not alone in their journey. Especially those who are feeling depressed, overwhelmed or suicidal.

We want to gather the community together to help people pay off burdensome debt and do it bigger and better through Debt Drop (a project of the Rockstar Community Fund)

We hope bloggers and anyone in our community who wants to help will get involved.

Here’s how you can get involved and help:

Match $50. You can give directly to the Rockstar Community Fund and ask to earmark your gift for #DebtDrop: http://giving.rockstarfinance.com/get-involved/

If you’re a blogger, you can also give directly to one of your readers, though we would like to keep track of how much we are donating back to the community so please let us know if that’s the route you choose. We want to know the story and how it helped!

Secondly, you can nominate someone that may need a little help. Perhaps you have a reader that contacts you about feeling overwhelmed with debt, or have a friend buried in medical debt. Whatever the case may be, we’re looking for candidates that need our help.

Once a month we will be donating funds to someone in need to help push the needle forward in their debt repayment journey.

If you have any questions about Debt Drop, feel free to contact me at [email protected]. If you have questions about the Rockstar Community Fund in general, contact @J.Money.

Let’s help people pay off debt and do some good! Anyone that’s been in debt knows the impact it can have on your life. We’re hoping to provide financial tools and resources – and a little bit of help – to keep people going.



So happy we’re finally putting all this out there and DOING IT!

Melanie has one of the kindest hearts, y’all, please do support her and this project even if it’s just with words of encouragement or passing around to a few people! She’s one of the most passionate people I know about living without debt, and I’m so excited it’s one of the projects we’re really trying to amplify with the RCF.

BLOGGERS - keep your eye out for people who can use our help! We all get emails and comments from people really struggling, and these funds we’re putting aside can help anyone from any blog! We want to spread the love!

(And of course anyone who gives financially will get a spot on the site along w/ link too ;))


I totally have a friend who is in serious debt. And not because of any poor actions or decisions. It is all related to medical, adoption and legal. I’ve thought of handing her a fist full of cash, but it just seems awkward. This would be much better, because I could say that this is from the RCF. I would be willing to donate the money just so that you could give it back to me in official RCF capacity so that it doesn’t appear to be coming from me. I’ll head over to the site tonight to donate $50.


@PrimalProsperity I am sorry to hear about your friend but glad you have someone in mind. Thanks for your support of the project! Can you send me their information?

@J.Money – I believe we can have the money come through the RCF and we send them the $50?


yes, totally doable!!

we’re on it, @PrimalProsperity!! Thank you! And super interesting way to use the RCF - I like that :slight_smile:


This is awesome! Great idea!!