Last SL Payment!


Congrats on the acheivement! It must be a relief to finally 0 out that balance.

In my opinion, if you’re sharing it on your personal Facebook page and someone has the nerve to be nasty to your achievement, just block them. They obviously aren’t a friend worth keeping.


Posted the other day, no hate whatsoever!

Definitely cool to be done with it. Now the real fun starts with saving all this cash flow :grinning:


Wooooooow. Awesome - way to go. Plus five on the man card - nicely done!


Now good sir, I must ask-what’s the next goal to aim for on your financial journey?


Saving to pay cash for the next car, then would ideally like to pay cash for our forever home.

The car will take about a year, then we have about 7 more years before I’d like to build the new house. That’ll be a big stretch, but even if we don’t have enough to pay cash, more is still better than less :wink:


@SawyerPF, both excellent goals! Nothing like paying cash for big ticket items to make you really feel like a baller! :smiley:


Congrats man! Hope you did something to celebrate.


Hell yeah share it! I don’t even consider it a “brag.” If people can post their big purchases than you can definitely post about this! I’m a big believer that we should talk more openly about money in this country


Well, this just made my day. :joy:


Congrats!!! Love reading success stories like this, definitely worth sharing to help inspire more people!